I dream of a day when I wake up and come across no rape news. In thousand years of patriarchy, masculinity, crime and wars, women have suffered the most. Be it in the form of committing suicide to prove the dignity, or be it keeping their mouth shut under the norms of society. But as everyone claims, we have left it all behind in history. Have we? When in one part of a world woman is standing with her head high among a group of men at the same time in another part of the world a woman is being forced to widen her legs by men. No one could tell the root cause of all these horrific incidents, is it less severe punishment? The problem in upbringing? Or women being not enough proactive at responding?

They say it all starts from a woman when she wears shorts and walks in the old street of Delhi and flaunt her ass. Maybe it doesn’t or maybe we want to get fucked in the middle of the road by a retard minded man because that is our fetish, of course! But then I also wonder what if I am wearing a burka and crossing the same street. Do I feel more secure now? Or could pass by the assholes with no fear of hearing a sexual comment or eve-teasing act by them. The answer to this question is NO. No matter I wear a one-piece, or a fully covered cloth, I still do not possess guts to walk down that lane of monsters. I remember having a conversation with my Father during the lockdown on his remark of Could you fight 10 men in such a situation? No amount of pepper spray or self-defence will help you if you come across 10 such monsters who have no intention other than ripping you apart. I didn’t know how to respond and at that very moment; I felt the helplessness of a woman who couldn't do anything irrespective of her education against sexual violence. India is a country consisting 1000 of unsatisfied horny monsters on almost every lane of city and villages, irrespective of prostitution is legal here. However, 60% of the prostitution industry itself is engaged in human trafficking, leading to a thousand of girls being forced into sex work every year. To conclude there is no paradise for a woman here, certainly not for the ones who are poor enough to not be noticed by any police or authority and for the ones who are carefree enough to roam alone on streets after 12 AM midnight.

I want to tell all the beautiful ladies out there to not fear these men. Do not associate getting raped = lost of dignity. Do not be afraid to kill a man in the process of self-defence, do whatever it takes to destroy them and be the most fearless version of you. It doesn’t start from empty roads and lone places; it starts from the home, from public transports, from the workplace, from random shops on the corner of your street. When a man across a street scans you with his thirsty eyes, look in those eyes and burst out your uncomfortableness on his face in the public and click his picture, share his picture all over the internet, use the power of social media activism and destroy the f#*k out of him. Nothing scares a man more than a fearless woman. Next time you see a little girl/fellow woman getting abused in public transport, stand with her and give her a hug and teach her the strength and never ask her to avoid. Next time when a guy on the bike eve teases a girl on the road, make sure the next thing you do is destroy his vehicle at the very next stop. The authority in India doesn’t believe in equal reaction for every action within the required time constraint. We have hung rapists after years of marching, they encountered some, some are rotting in jail but wouldn't chopping the genitals the best punishment? Because clearly the former ones aren’t working!

They haven't left anyone from gang-raping 6 years old to brutally shoving vagina of 12 years old. At one moment it feels that we have come so far, we are finally being heard but I believe the work is not done until every girl in each part of the world feels the same way, when a girl of a poor farmer walking in the crop fields feels secure, when a drunk woman could walk safely to her house in the middle of the night. After writing this piece I feel as helpless as you are feeling right now because we do not have answers to most of the questions, we do not know how a rapist mind works to tackle with it. But for now, let’s just hold hands and try for the bare minimum. Report that harassment to call your friends keeps on getting, talk to the rape victims to understand the inability to fight with rape monsters, shake hands with women associations, always call on the women safety number if you see someone is in trouble and most importantly use your education to save that very little girl who has no connection to the digital world through spreading awareness about the protective measures.

It is the first time my blog is a representation of my frustration because I don’t have the answer to ‘why us’ question. I am listing down a few well researched NGO’s for the women who resonate with my frustration and have an urge to do something about these issues.

Space Engineer 🌌🛰🚀👨‍🚀 STEM Activist 🔬♀️ A backpacker with a purpose. 🥾

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