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For consistently 20 years I have associated my worth with the work I do.

I am a space Engineer working in a rocket company but how does that define me?

Surely it sounds fascinating and the wow factor kicks in when I tell this to people, but does this out shadow my personality?

People expect me to behave in a certain way!

This doesn’t suit your profession!

You should carry that space engineer’s attitude or you should dress more formally !

Or, you are supposed to have opinions about politics or similar because you must be carrying a good intellect.

Picture credits: Mario Gogh

We all hold on to someone or something with the hope of an end reward or security. Jobs, people, projects, hobbies, friends, and the list is unending. Sometimes quitting is considered cowardly, and sometimes it is not even an option. We all have our strong reasons for holding on, and I had mine. I had stuck myself with projects, organizations, and teammates without due diligence to my own personal growth.

These days working for a startup is considered super cool, however, there comes a point when a founder or even a startup team member thinks: Is this startup adding any…

To reach beyond, we must start right here, right now

Picture Credits: Mars Amity Research Station

In the past few decades, the space exploration research area has been strongly implemented in the most uninhabited places of the Earth. NASA has been conducting its space research in the confined habitat HERA, Concordia station in the Antarctic established by ESA has been operational for 15 years now and similarly, there are a few more analog space research stations by private companies like the Mars Desert Research Station. It is a very common prejudice that to explore space one must travel beyond earth but from a point of view…

There have been many new frontiers in the world of science 1903 when Marie Curie won her first novel prize. It is easy to imagine the struggles Marie Curie has gone through in that era when today we are still debating on the lower sex ratio of women in the STEM field. She was a woman of change, who revolutionized the science field in merely 4 years with her consistent work on radioactivity. Today on her birthday, let's recall her experiences we can still learn from.

Fighting and resistance

She was born into a Polish family at the time when Warsaw was under…

One building block at a time.

Anxiety, frustration, depression, sadness almost every negative emotion we feel on daily basis is the result of our undesired attention towards one specific element. When an expert tells living a balanced life is the only way for long term healthy and happy life but who would explain that to my unnecessary anxiety or overthinking? If we are suffering in our work life, we tend to burst out of our frustration on our homies, or if we have a problem with our partner we are not 100 % efficient at work.

It takes months of…

They say women are the most confusing creatures on Earth.

We either express too much or we are too cold. The woman who expresses too much is called out to be over-emotional but when the same woman speaks less it arises curiosity in the perception of others.

Whenever I read on Facebook forums, talk to my girlfriends or stranger women crying in the subway, I always wonder why she doesn’t deserve the person who made her cry. …

It's been one year and four months of living alone, from serving myself a glass of wine on bad days to happily dancing my heart out on good days, I have had my days. A few years back I was living with my family, moved to a college two years later and then moved to another city for a job. In all these phases, I had a group of best loving people around me. …

Dream big, not rich!!

Growing up, I always had bigger dreams, the dreams which I didn’t monetised. In my tranistion period from childhood to adulthood I started seeing the value of everything I pursue in money. Let me learn this coding because the job market is growing in Python or let me learn graphic designing to earn some easy money. Nevertheless it is important to understand the job market before you pick up to learn something but in the process we forget that its us who builds that market. …

Picture Credit: ESA

When an astronomer complained about the constellation of satellites as a part of Star-link Elon launched to Space, it hit the internet with questions being raised about the private players in the space. In the next launch, Elon took into account the concerns of astronomers and implemented solutions to preserve the natural night sky. The key players in satellite operations are ready with the technology to do wonders out there in space, from providing internet services to exploring deep space adhering to the rules and regulations of outer space treaty and concerns of the general public. With companies like one…

When you travel in the world, you meet many people in your way who later become a beautiful memory of your journey. Some of those people leave an impressive figure in your mind that gives a new perspective towards looking at life while the others, you just pass by. Likewise, I came across someone a few months back when I travelled to Sweden for a 10 days workshop. I usually prefer to slow travel, therefore 10 days were good for me to keep a balance between exploring and working. …

Ravneet Kaur

Space Engineer 🌌🛰🚀👨‍🚀 STEM Activist 🔬♀️ A backpacker with a purpose. 🥾

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